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INSTANT BILLS PAY is a payment platform powered by UBA Group and OjaPAY, where customers pay for Services, bills, fees, dues, make donations, buy tickets and even shop online securely and conveniently.

By visiting www.instantbillspay.com on any internet enabled device.

Once you make a successful payment, the organisation gets notified immediately.

Internet payment enabled Verve, MasterCard and Visa Debit/Credit Card.

Yes you must register, to keep track of your payments anytime. Registration takes a few steps. Click here to Register.

Please send an email to support@instantbillspay.com and we would be glad to help.

INSTANT BILLS PAY will help you receive payments securely from customers online, thereby increasing your sales and making your business a global one.


You can complete your online enrollment on INSTANT BILLS PAY Africa by clicking on the register button at the top right corner of the home page.

Your username is the email address that you registered with while making your payment. Your password can be recovered here.

If you forget your password, you can recover it here.

Please note that the link you will receive is valid for 2 hours. If you do not receive the password email, check your spam box and/or add admin@instantbillspay.com  & support@ instantbillspay.com to your address book.

INSTANT BILLS PAY Africa is the easy way to make payment and track records of all your bills paid online. INSTANT BILLS PAY Africa completely eliminates the paperwork of paying bills by going to a bank or ATM. You can then pay your bills in INSTANT BILLS PAY Africa with one click.

Yes, INSTANT BILLS PAY Africa provides both summary and detail information for your bills. You can view or print a full image of the bill at any time.

After successfully registering you will receive and email with a verification link. Click the link to verify to access your account. Registration is free and you will only be required to do this once.

The platform is safe and secure and will never share your details with any other party. We ensure to protect you card and PIN with second level authentication implemented for additional security such as: MasterCard Secure code, Visa I-Pin and OTP.

Contact support@instantbillspay.com with your payment reference.

Your bank should reverse the transaction within 24hours. If you do not receive a reversal you may contact support@instantbillspay.com or call 01-2808822.

To have your business appear as a biller on INSTANT BILLS PAY Africa platform, you would be required to fill a registration form, have a UBA Business Account, and provide a photocopy of your Certificate of Incorporation or other relevant documentation. You will also be required to pay a one-time fee of starting at N 14,500.00 upwards and a subsequent transaction fee of 1.5% capped @ N2000 on each transaction processed. There may also be a N50 convenience fee charged to the cardholder for making this payment on INSTANT BILLS PAY Africa

You will receive a Payment Confirmation e-mail on the day that your payment is sent.

To change your e-mail address, log in to your account and update your Personal Profile.